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Geroge Newth


George Newth is a Lecturer in Italian Politics at the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies, University of Bath, the same department from which he received his PhD in Politics, Languages and International Studies.  

His research focuses on the links between regionalism, nationalism and populism with a particular interest in the historical roots of the Lega Nord. Recent publications include ‘Populism and Nativism in contemporary regionalist and nationalist politics: A minimalist framework for ideologically opposed parties’ (Politics),  ‘The roots of the Lega Nord’s populist regionalism’ (Patterns of Prejudice), and ‘The Movimento Autonomista Bergamasco and the Lega Nord: continuities and discontinuities (Modern Italy)

George is currently working on two research projects; the first examines the changing Eurosceptic and populist far-right discourse of the Lega under Matteo Salvini; the second analyses how populist discourse represents a key link between nationalist and regionalist movements in Europe ranging from the Far Left to the Far Right, with a comparative focus on Italy, Catalonia and Scotland.