Breaking Borders: a transnational approach to Italian studies

23-24 September 2021, University of Birmingham

Call for Papers

This year the ASMI Postgraduate Summer School will explore modern and contemporary Italy from a transnational perspective. In a world that is increasingly mobile, we ask how we can explore beyond national borders to reveal the multiplicity and hybridity of Italian culture, society and history. The Summer School therefore aims to examine the dialogue between national and transnational within an interdisciplinary network of researchers. We also aim to encourage discussion of the complexities involved in approaching Italian Studies from a transnational framework and what methods such an approach might entail. 

We currently plan to hold the conference at the University of Birmingham, but it might be moved to online in the event of coronavirus restrictions.

Donwload the CfP. Deadline: 4 July 2021.

Published: April 30, 2021