Through the female gaze: Marcella Campagnano and Liliana Barchiesi

Thursday, 21st April at 6:00 pm

Italian Institute of Culture in Edinburgh


Art and photography become a voice for women’s rights - in a historical period (1970s) that is fundamental for the self-affirmation of contemporary women.

For Marcella Campagnano and Liliana Barchiesi, photography is a means of constructing relationships, exchange of ideas and new strategies of female expression: in their hands the photographic medium is used to deconstruct the gender stereotypes.

Two documentaries showing the activist and political use of photography as a tool for depicting reality by casting a gendered gaze that explores the differences of gender.

The Invention of the Feminine Roles (2020) (10 min.), directed by Giulio Bernardi.

Storia di donne - Immagini 1974/1979 (2008) (17 min.), directed by Liliana Barchiesi.

Professor Perry Willson, University of Dundee, will make the introduction and a Q&A with Liliana Barchiesi, who will be participating online, will follow the projections.

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Published: April 20, 2022