Upcoming Online Events

16 June 5pm: Italian Cinema Audiences: Histories and Memories of Cinema-going in Post-war Italy
Book launch, the authors (Daniela Treveri Gennari, Sarah Culhane, Danielle Hipkins, Silvia Dibeltulo, and Catherine O'Rawe) will be in conversation with Dr. Sam Manning and Prof. Mariagrazia Fanchi.

17; 24 June: Barricate in ogni città
Online seminars dedicated to the Arditi del Popolo.

21-22 June: Le colonie in riva d'Arno
Online seminars dedicated to Florence's colonial landmarks and monuments.

28 June 6pm (CET): "1921 e dintorni: World War I and its Veterans"
British School at Rome seminar with: Angel Alcalde, Martina Salvante, Vanda Wilcox.