Upcoming Online Events

6-8 May: Migrations, citizenship, inclusivity. Narratives of Plural Italy, between Imaginary and Diversity Politics
The XXVI International conference of Film Studies, organised by Roma Tre University (Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts).

10-11 May: Fascist mobilities across space and time
Online conference organised by the University of Padua.
10 May 5pm (CET): L'Italia vista da fuori. Il Pci la sinistra italiana e i socialismi europei nel '900
Webinar with Donald Sassoon and Ilaria Favretto.

3-4-5; 10-11-12 May: Diversity & Decolonization in Italian Studies
A global roundtable series on Diversity and Decolonization in Italian Studies
. Organised by: Simone Brioni (Stony Brook University), Marie Orton (Brigham Young University), Graziella Prati (Dartmouth College), and Gaoheng Zhang (University of British Columbia).

13 May 6pm: Italian Fascism - 100 years on: M. Son of the century
Writer Antonio Scurati in conversation with Maria Bonaria, Amy King, John Foot and Philip Cooke. The conversation will be in English, with some readings in Italian and English.

13 May 6pm (CET): Piazzale Loreto. Milano, l'eccidio e il "contrappasso"
Mirco carrattieri interviews the author Massimo Castoldi.

14 May 3pm (CET): Unsustainable colonialism: soil and water in the making of Italian Lybia
Roberta Biasillo analyses the case study of Libya under Italian rule (1911-1943).

18-19 May: Italo Calvino. Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives SIS conference

19 May 9pm (12pm PST): The Fishing Net and the Spider Web: Mediterranean Imaginaries and the Making of Italians
Presentation of Claudio Fogu's book on Italian identity and the Mediterranean.

27 May 12pm: Understanding the historical roots of the Italian paradox. A G8 industrialized economy based on SMEs?
BI Business history seminar held in association with ASMI and ISEC.

16 June 5pm: Italian Cinema Audiences: Histories and Memories of Cinema-going in Post-war Italy
Book launch, the authors (Daniela Treveri Gennari, Sarah Culhane, Danielle Hipkins, Silvia Dibeltulo, and Catherine O'Rawe) will be in conversation with Dr. Sam Manning and Prof. Mariagrazia Fanchi.