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Conor Broughton

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My current research is an interdisciplinary history/ethnomusicological thesis, studying nationalism in the Risorgimento and opera. In this, I seek to study the effect of culture on nationalism, and shift the pervasive view from Verdi towards other composers, and the underrepresented genre of opera buffa. I am currently in research on rediscovering Antonio Cagnoni – a composer of huge contemporary renown, but who was unfortunately forgotten – and placing him into the historiography of opera and Risorgimento, whilst using his opera as a window to the questioning the role of popular culture and nationalist dissemination. I study at the University of Lincoln, having previously completed an MA Thesis there on a similar topic, entitled 'Tu ridoni a me l'amico, all'Italia un difensor!' Nationalism and Verdi’s La Battaglia di Legnano.