ASMI Conference 2012

BASTA! Patterns of Protest in Modern Italy: History, Agents and Representation

23rd - 24th November 2012, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London

The great number and variety of protests around the globe that have defined the year 2011, provide the focus of the Annual ASMI conference 2012 on the topic of protest in Italy: How does Italy protest – throughout its history and in the present? How do individuals, organisations and institutions express their opposition and protest? Which forms of protest (e.g. civil, political, folkloristic, intellectual, ideological, organisational, legal, illegal) have been established with time and which other forms have developed recently? What are the issues, topics and conditions that make Italians turn to protest?

The purpose of the conference is to bring together scholars from different disciplines and to investigate the historical, political, sociological and cultural roots and forms of expression of protest and protest movements and their dynamics and reception in Italy – topics surprisingly unexplored by academia.

Issues like the contents, strategies, agents, participants, promoters, social dynamics or social and political consequences of protest have been hardly analysed so far.

Preliminary programme